Montessori Programme

“Teachers are the messengers of God”.

KURINJI teachers have a motherly approach to the children. We are proud to say our teachers are the best. Our teachers are sincere, dedicated, loving, and interact with the children in English. At school children feel as it they are home.

The artistic skills of the children are groomed from very early stage of Montesson education system. The students are given more exposure and opportunities to develop the special and visual intelligence. Art & craft is a part of curriculum at all levels. The students are also given special training in mind mapping to understand the concepts clearly in all subjects.


The school offers a wide range of opportunities for students through various club activities to achieve in various competitions. Students are awarded for the following:

  • Master/Miss Punctual -Award for 100% attendance
  • Master/Miss Creative-Award for best project achiever
  • Master/Miss Innovative-Award for excellent skills
  • Master/Miss Economist-Award for financial Management
  • Master/Miss Intelligent-Award for General proficiency
  • Master/Miss Kinesthetic – Award for excellence in sport

In addition students are awarded for House-wise competitions, Citation Certificates. CCA activities, club competitions and competition in sports.